lunar planting

BY Victoria Ter Morshuizen

Easter is a spiritually significant time of celebration symbolizing resurrection, re-birth and renewal.  It is the oldest festival in the Christian church and celebrates the resurrection of Christ from the dead and recognizes His promises of eternal life for those who believe in Him. Good Friday and Passover coincide so the Easter date marks an important ritual for Jewish believers too. Before Jewish or Christian times, Easter was a pagan celebration honouring the Saxon goddess, Eostre. The date on which Easter falls each year is calculated by Papal advisors and is based on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox.
The monthly phases of the moon have long been used by gardeners and farmers to guide their planting decisions and to boost biodiversity and crop success. Many mindful Aquaponics farmers base their planting schedule on the moon and those who practise this style of planting rhythm believe that lunar-based planting yields a bigger harvest.
Each of the four phases of the moon lasts seven days and the phases are:
New Moon – this is the best time to plant green leafy crops.  All seeds sown now will germinate well.
First Quarter – this is the best time to plant crops with seeds inside e.g. tomatoes.
These are both referred to as the waxing moon which is a time of increased light and stronger sap flow in plants.
Full Moon – this is the best time to plant root vegetables.  Few root vegetables thrive in an Aquaponics system so use this time to work with your fish.
Last Quarter – avoid sowing now, this is a rest period.  Use the time to work with your fish, see to plumbing issues, prune the plants, sort and tidy the tunnel.
These are both referred to as the waning moon which is a time of decreasing light and the sap flows downwards.
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 March 26, 2018
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