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As Service Providers to the regional Aquaculture Industry we are here to assist existing aquaculturalists as well as new entrants into the industry.  We invite you to browse the site and consider the list of services and products we currently offer, each of which addresses a specific need we have identified within the industry. If there are products or advice you require, feel free to make contact with us.

We offer a range of Services including Training Courses, Consultancies, Aquaponics, Fish Farming and Aquaculture Products.  Allow our menu to guide you to the relevant topic you are interested in.


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Aquaculture SELF STUDY

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We offer a flash drive containing all the lectures (sldies and voice) from the Aquaculture Course plus the Aquaculture Course Manual for people who cannot attend our Aquaculture Courses.  The set is meant to serve as a distance learning, self-study course and covers all the same information as the 3-day Aquaculture Course.  Furthermore, this includes all the slides and photographs from the Course lecture notes to guide the viewer through all the main aspects relating to Aquaculture in Africa.  Interested parties can contact us for additional information or visit our online store.


Proudly introducing Aquaponics

We promote the growth of Aquaponics in Southern Africa through our sister company Aquaponics Innovations.  Aquaponics is a rapidly growing sector of the aquaculture industry, and answers the need to provide a complete diet from a single system, utilising the fish wastes as plant food.  This do so by converting the fish wastes, which can create a problem in a large scale facility, into nutrients for the plants.  The plants in turn remove these nutrients from the water, leaving it clean and ready to be returned to the fish.

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