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Leslie Ter Morshuizen

Leslie Ter Morshuizen is synonymous with fish. As a child he raised tilapia in the dams on the farms in the neighbourhood as a source of pocket money. On completing school he spent a year commercial fishing prior to spending 6 years at Rhodes University where he obtained a MSc degree in Ichthyology and Provincial Colours for spearfishing. He managed an ornamental fish farm for 2 years and was the Production Manager of a national koi farming group for a further two years. Leslie is currently self-employed as an Aquaculture Consultant and Trainer.

In his private capacity, or in collaboration with Rhodes University or JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology, the author has written several scientific, and a great number of popular publications. He has presented papers at conferences, presented proposals to State and Federal Ministers in Namibia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mauritius & Mozambique, and has undertaken a substantial number of aquaculture and aquaponics consultancies. Since 2004 he has also been heavily involved in Aquaculture Training within the sub-region.


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