Aquaponics innovations

BY Victoria Ter Morshuizen

Welcome to 2018 and the exciting opportunities that farming Aquaponically offers YOU!
"We need to promote innovation and implement sustainable practices that provide nutritious and accessible food, ecosystem services and climate-change resilience at the same time,"
Graziano da Silva (FAO Director-General) said during his keynote speech at the Chatham House think tank.  At Aquaponics Innovations we believe Aquaponics complies fully with Mr da Silva’s plea for food-safe, ecosystem-gentle, wholesome food for all.

Traditional farming methods currently leave 800 million people undernourished but aquaponics, as the foremost method of sustainable food-production, can deliver sufficient quantities of nutrient-rich food to ALL the billions of people on planet Earth. Hunger can be eradicated if responsible citizens begin the agricultural revolution – be it on a small-scale/subsistence level or on an industrial scale – with aquaponics.

Aquaponics is the farming of fish and plants in a single recirculating system. The waste from the fish becomes the nutrients for the plants, and the plants in turn remove these nutrients from the water, purifying it for the fish. The farmer then has two crops (fish and plants), two income streams and moreover has tread lightly on the earth in no way adding to the present ecological crisis, but rather honouring our relationship with nature. (See: http://www.aquaponics.co.za/why-aquaponics for a comprehensive list of all the benefits of farming aquaponically).

Change is important: it is quite literally a matter of life-or-death. Aquaponics Innovations calls farmers, governments and consumers to act urgently and with wisdom to implement Aquaponics as a balanced answer to the food-production crisis at this crucial time for humanity.  When we act in tune with nature, rather than against her with poisons, we will reap peace as well as eradicate hunger.
From now on, said José Graziano da Silva, "nourishing people must go hand in hand with nurturing the planet" and in Aquaponics we have the perfect method to do this. This is the year!
(reference: Bizcommunity: Agriculture News, Nov 2017)

 January 26, 2018
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