What aquaculture has to offer

BY Leslie Ter Morshuizen

Global seafood (fish, shellfish, seaweeds and crustaceans from freshwater and the sea) consumption continues to rise despite wild harvests having peaked at around 90 million tons p.a. in the early 1990’s.  The gap between the stagnant wild supply and growing demand is being made up by the farming of fish and other organisms in a process known as aquaculture.  This industry continues to grow at a steady rate with the output topping 106 million tons produced in 2015.
So whilst the fishing industry has reached maximum production levels, several factors drive the continued fast growth of the aquaculture industry.  These include the rapid growth of the world population and declining proportional supply of fish from the wild, along with ensuring food security, the desire to eat healthy diets, creating jobs in rural areas and commercial investment strategies.
Three primary infrastructure types are used in the farming of fish; earth ponds, cages and recirculating systems.  Where the climate matches the temperature preference of the species being farmed for most of the year then earth ponds or cages can be utilised.  However, in South Africa we experience a temperate climate with hot summers and cold winters, precluding the use of either of these infrastructure types, except for trout in high altitude situations.  Rather, we need to place the fish at high densities inside a temperature controlled building in order to provide constant ideal growth conditions throughout the year.  Such recirculating systems use very little water or space to produce the targeted quantity of fish, and can be placed close to the market, increasing economic benefit.  In short, using a recirculating system allows you to grow any fish species anywhere.
Aquaculture Innovations is a service provider to the Aquaculture Industry across the continent of Africa, including the offshore islands.  We have extensive experience in all three infrastructure types and focus on staying abreast of international trends whilst remaining appropriate to the African situation.

The services we offer include Species, Site and Infrastructure Selection; Technical & Economic Feasibility Plans; Infrastructure Installation; Training and Mentorship.  With 20 years of experience in the aquaculture, don’t venture into the water without us!

 March 26, 2017
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