Cart before the Horse

BY Leslie Ter Morshuizen

Most people who start up Aquaponics systems, or fish only systems for that matter, do so from the perspective of a producer.  We enjoy the work of digging, planting, pruning, picking and …...., and there it ends.  Our producer mindset can quickly see the benefits of Aquaponics, motivating us to make the investment and erect the infrastructure.  We gain enormous pleasure from working on the system, but very few of us get equal joy from sales.
If you are running a hobby system then your goal is probably to produce good quality, healthy-to-eat crops from your pastime.  Compliments from dinner guests will further enhance the pleasure Aquaponics gives you but talk of sales and marketing are not relevant to you.  However, if you operate a commercial system then sales are your lifeline.
It seems to me that there is a clear distinction between producers and marketers.  Given that the majority of us are production orientated we tend not to think, not to really think about how, who, when, what and so forth of sales once the crop is marketable.  In essence, we place production over sales which amounts to putting the cart before the horse.  This is a huge flaw as the difference between merely selling the crops versus obtaining the best possible price for each item can make a profound difference to the bottom line of your business.
If you are venturing into Aquaponics for profit I would encourage you to put the horse before the cart.  First establish who will purchase your crops, what form they want them in, how frequently and at what price, prior to investing in a production facility.

 May 26, 2017
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