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Product: Circle of Plenty TM

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Product Description

The Circle of PlentyTM is a branded mid-sized Aquaponics system that is designed to maximise output from capital, space, power and water usage.  With a footprint of only 12 x 12m the CoP can be used by shcools, villages, prisons and many other communities to grow nutritious foods whilst benefiting from education, skills development and income.

In temperate climates 3 CoPs can be fitted into a 30x10m greenhouse to provide year round production of your required crops.

The price is pre-Vat and indicative, subject to confirmation per site.  This assumes the client supplies power and water to the site, and that the site is flat and clear, ready for installation on our arrival.

Talk to us about providing and installing a CoP for you.

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Circle of Plenty TM 
R 172 500.00
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