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Product: Fluidised Biofilter Media / m3

Price: R 5 660.00 m3

Product Description

The use of biofilter media which is fluidised by means of air has many advantages over other filter media types, including:

  • we have tested this media to 11kg feed / day / m3 of media whilst maintaining ammonia and nitrite levels suitable for sensitive fish species
  • zero head loss
  • water is aerated during filtration ensuring oxygen levels remain saturated
  • water is aerated during filtration causing carbon dioxide to be removed
  • small foot print due to the media being highly efficient
  • no clogging and therefore no cleaning is required
  • very stable and reliable biofiltration performance

It is therefore unsurprising that air fluidised filtration is becoming the global standard for aquaculture biofiltration. The price is per m3 ex-works and the minimum order is 1m3 - call for a quotation of freight. Please call for a quotation on larger quantities.


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Fluidised Biofilter Media / m3 
R 5 660.00
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